Pleased to meet you… Torben

Posted by Bronte Aurell | Inside ScandiKitchen, Scandi Life

We would like you to meet… our TORBEN.

Hello. I’m Torben and I’m the half Danish half British dude at ScandiKitchen. You can call me a half Danish pastry.

My job at ScandiKitchen is Head of Coffee and I’ve been here for two years. Before I worked here, I was a regular customer for years.

My favourite food item in the shop is Piratos liquorice. Normal Piratos, Super Piratos, Ultra Piratos (okay, they do not exist, but they should).

My least favourite thing is… Julmust. That’s right, I said it: I don’t like it.

The best track on the café playlist is ‘You can call me Al’ by Paul Simon. Not very Scandinavian, but good.

In my opinion, the best open sandwich at ScandiKitchen is the one with salami. I can eat it all day.

Best place in Scandinavia? Billy’s Booze in Copenhagen.

For Christmas, I’ll be in Rugby visiting my brother, and then hiking in Switzerland.

My life motto is: Don’t be a butt-head.

In ten years? I’ll be a well-established music producer and dance theatre composer. That, or the circus.


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