Pimp my Gingerbread House 2017

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Pimp my Gingerbread House 2017

It’s time for the annual Pimp my Gingerbread House Competition, now in it’s 7th year.

Every year we ask you to take a gingerbread house kit (you can get one here or at that place that sells great value book cases… and at many other stores). We want to see what you can do with it! This competition is not about the basic baking of a gingerbread house – but much more about what you can do with what comes out of a packet (or two, if you want to make one house out of several packs).

You can decorate, chop, move, glue, add-to, mix together, chop in half, dip in glitter – whatever you want, as long as you use the basic set as a base. In the past, we have had anything from Zombie houses, Norwegian stave Churches, an X-Factor house, Murder in the Gingerbread House, Dragons, Trolls and even an almost life sized Sandi Toksvig made out of icing who lived in the house for a while.

This year, we have narrowed the categories a bit. We have two categories:

1. Adult – creative, stunning, detailed – we’ll choose one main winner.
2. Kids (any age – we’ll judge it based on whether it’s a 3 year old who loves unicorns or a 14 year old who loves glitter). One winner in this category also.

What you need to do:
Make a gingerbread house, take a few photos – then send them to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before 18th December 2017 – we’ll pick a winner and let them know by email so we can get the prize to them on the last shipment before the big day (hopefully) or for pick up in store before 23rd December. If you choose to tag it on social media, please use either #Pimpmygingerbreadhouse or #PMGH

The Prizes

Adult: A massive lovely box of treats – from Bronte’s book North (signed), ginger biscuits, chocolates, mulled wine, marzipan and much more – value around £75

Kids: So many sweets your parents wont talk to us for a good long while.

The small print:
Two prizes offered, one for each category. We will post some pictures on instagram but not all. We reserve the right to post pictures you send in. No alternative prize, no cash alternative. One winner per category. No purchases necessary (any gingerbread template will be accepted as long as it is in similar shape with the basic one we also sell. This is a fun competition, not Masterchef – enjoy it and have fun. The winner will be picked by 3 of us and we’ll have a vote and our decision is final.


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