Our favourite little places to go in Scandinavia

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Our favourite little places to go in Scandinavia

Summer’s here – and many of you Scandiphiles are heading to our native countries for your vacation. We asked our team where their favourite little unknown places are in their home countries – so if you are anyway near, you should pop over and check it out.



Guldhedstornets Café in Gothenburg! Funny little cafe up the top of a water tower, you can have both ice cream AND vanilla sauce with the blueberry pie! In the winter they have only a few lights so each table gets candles and you can enjoy the view over the city with coffee and free refills.



Trelleborg near Slagelse in Denmark. It’s the site of the best preserved Viking ring fortress. It really makes you realise just how big these fortresses were and how cleaver the Vikings were with regards to working the land and the sea. We can trace my family back in this region to 1736 – okay, not quite back to Vikings, but its still a place I like to go for a long walk. It’s absolutely home – and part of my heritage.


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Svaneke on the island of Bornholm in Denmark. Svaneke, Bornholm. The town has its own Bryghus (brewery) and ‘silde rōgeri’ (herring smoker) for a smoked herring with radishes and raw egg yolk on rye bread. A must.


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My secret spot is Åkulla bokskogar, it is such a beautiful forrest just outside Varberg in Halland (west coast of Sweden). http://www.akullabokskogar.nu

Nearby is also Borrås skåra http://www.borrasskara.se

(it’s like a crack in the mountain) where they filmed parts of Ronja Rövardotter.


The best location for a lovely day out on the beach in Norway would most definitely be at Ingierstrand Bad just a little bus or car ride away from Oslo it is a little hidden gem that most tourists never get to see. If your not dressed too casually (not in a bikini that is) the lovely Ingierstrand Bad Restaurant with its historic people’s house history and funky architecture is also based there and they serve delicious sea food with a view to die for.



Mountain climbing for everyone, close to Hoga Kusten, great experience with lovely scenery – go there and see for yourself!


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My secret place to go and visit: It’s a restaurant called “Möruddens brygga” that is on Hammarö (close to my home town Karlstad). They re-opened a few years ago and is located near by Sweden’s biggest lake “Vänern”. They serve delicious seafood and is one of my very special places because of the scenery and food.




Castle and beach – a great spot for all three days of Swedish west coast summer!




One of my favourite places in Stockholm (especially in the summer time) is called Loopen. It is a bit hidden but lies on a bridge by the water in Hornstull. It is a Caribbean restaurant and turns into a dance place at night! Surrounded by palm trees and water it feels like you are in the Caribbean!
Here is the link: www.loopen.se



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