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Online delay - and general update about everything


Some news about everything in these times of COVID-19.

The London cafe is now operating as a GROCERY SHOP only. There is NO cafe service or cake or buns.  Amended opening hours apply.

You can still pop by, but we allow max 5 people into the store at any one time – and we ask you sanitise your hands before and after shopping. Please keep a safe distance, as if you were back in Sweden queuing for the bus.


We have been inundated with orders. While this is great (thank you for your support), it has also caused some complications. Firstly, we didn’t expect it at all – and seeing as there were food shortages in Scandinavia, too, as well as border closures, this makes importing a little trickier. So, there are delays.

On top of this, we cannot – and we will NOT – compromise the safety of the packing team. We cannot just fill the room with elves for packing; we MUST assure they have a minimum space between them and that they have time to take precautions when packing to ensure your goods are as safe as can be.

For those reasons, we are currently (updated 21 March 2020) running a minimum 8 WORKING day shipping delay. Yes, this is a lot, but for the reasons above. We have removed all NEXT DAY options.

We are asking our cafe team to come help at the warehouse – but of course they need training too. So, things are slower, but we are packing and shipping.

We ask for your continued patience during this time. If you can’t wait and you wish to cancel your order, simply email and we’ll take care of it. If you have questions, its the same email (bear with us, it might be a little while before you get a reply).

Our team is working really hard in order to continue to support our community and we WILL get through everything as long as we can continue to operate. During difficult times, we are doing the best we can – and our guys are absolute superstars in managing what they have to get through and how we now have to operate to stay safe. Above all, safety first.

Thank you for your understanding.

Bronte & Jonas



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