One pesto = Three dishes with Västerbotten & Dill Pesto

Posted by Bronte Aurell | Scandi Life

The other day Bronte made this wonderful Västerbotten & Dill Pesto at home. Because, to be fair, sometimes, normal pesto get a bit boring!

You may think that dill is too strong for a pesto like this – but it’s not. It’s just perfect. Because its not for a pasta, but for other stuff. Do try it out at home – it is super easy to make and one portion is enough for all three dishes.

Västerbotten & Dill Pesto

60g walnuts

1 large bunch of fresh dill (30-40g)

1 tbsp chopped parsley

½ clove of garlic

50g grated Västerbotten cheese (or substitute with an aged, hard cheese with good depths of flavour such as pecorino)

50-100ml good quality oil  (extra virgin olive oil)

Salt, pepper


In a food processor, pulse the dill, parsley, garlic and walnuts. Add ¾ of the cheese and 50ml of the oil and pulse again until you have a finely chopped paste. Remove from the food processor and add the rest of the cheese (if needed), more oil until you have a pesto consistency (not too runny, but enough oil so that it can be used as a dressing or topping). Taste and season with salt and pepper.

Västerbotten & Dill Potato Salad

500g cooked new potatoes, skin left on. Cooled slightly.

In a bowl add the potatoes and a few tablespoons of pesto. Mix until potatoes are coated. You may need to add more pesto – to taste. serve as part of your Summer Garden BBQ Smörgåsbord.

Easy mid week Baked salmon with Vasterbotten & Dill Pesto topping

4 x Salmon fillets

Place the salmon fillets skin side up in a bake safe tray. Add 1-2 tbsp pesto on top on each fillet and place in a warm oven. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until cooked through (cooking time will vary depending on the size of your fish pieces). During baking, the pesto will change colour a bit and the cheese will form a slight crust.

Serve with salad or new potatoes.

The best Chicken Sandwich

We love this sandwich. You need:

1 crusty baguette style roll, ideally seeded

Leftover roast chicken pieces

Some green leaves

Butter your bread and add salad and chicken. Top with a few teaspoons of the dill pesto and add a bit of extra seasoning.


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