Oh, Joey…

Back in the days, Europe was THE band to listen to.  Bronte’s first ever album was The Final Countdown and her walls were adorned with colourful posters of Joey Tempest, the best looking man in rock at the time.

Jonas’s first concert was Europe (rumour has it he went with his Mum); he sported the hairstyle and he knew all the lyrics.

We suspect that Henrik loved them too, although he has never admitted to it officially.

The other day, just when Anna and Henrik were about to close up for the day and go home, the man himself, THE joey Tempest, walked in to Scandi Kitchen.   Oh yes.  It was really him.

Now, we don’t often get start struck, you know.  We’ve had A-Ha in the shop…  AQUA…  Basshunter.  But Joey Tempest:  now that is something else.


Joey tempest JA Joey_tempest

Joey Tempest          Jonas Aurell


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