Odd phonecalls # 2

A while back we reported on some strange calls we’ve had in the past.

Since then, we’ve started to notice that we are possibly the place people call when they can’t find their answer on google or the local Tescos:

Jonas picked up the phone the other day. it was a nice gentleman calling from an art gallery in London.

Jonas: Scaaaandinavian Kitchen, hej hej du

Man: Hello. Do you have dough?

Jonas: Eh?

Man: Dough. you know. Dough you bake with?

Jonas: Eh?

Man: I need 50 kilos, this afternoon, can you help?

Jonas: Are you baking a lot?

Man: No, I need to put it on people’s heads.

Jonas: I won’t be your companion in crimes of dough…

Man: It’s for art.

Jonas: Sorry, no…

Man: Are you sure?

Jonas: Eh…

As it turns out, the cause was quite valid. It was for an exhibition. Look, we got a whole bunch of flyers in today, all with pictures of people covered in dough LINK http://www.andipamodern.com/.


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