Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the toughest of them all?

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This portrait of Odin illustrates the importance of always controlling your image rights. Not looking like such a tough cookie, now, eh, Odin? Maybe choosing Clooney to play you wasn’t the best idea…

Over half a shandy the other day we got talking: which of the Nordic gods was the toughest? Was it Odin, the King of it all, with his one eye and his many talents? Was it Thor, with his big roars across the sky, throwing his hammer in all directions and making thunder and lightning (very, very frightning. Mamma Mia). Or was it Loki, because he was so sneaky and clever and outsmarted them all?

Here are some examples of cool toughness from Valhalla:

The top dude. God of gods. He rules Valhalla, where all good Vikings woudl end up after the life on Earth. He had one eye, which made him a bit like a pirate, except the eye was in the middle of his head. He had ravens on his shoulder who’;d fly out an return and report back on stuff happening in the world (they where the internet of the Valhalla days, really).


The God of mischief and trickery. All the Vikings would blame Loki if things didn’t go his way. He was handsome, like Sebastian, and used it to his advantadge. He killed Balder, the god of the Light and Joy. Seriously, who kills off Joy and Light, except maybe the Grinch? Tough cookie.

She was the goddess of the dead. Cool name. Odin, the god of gods, threw Hel into Niflheim itself also known as Hel, where she received full authority, respect and power. Guess where our word for Hell comes from? Oh yes. Tough as nails.

The god of thunder. He had a hammer that woudl always come back to him, nomatter what. He made Thunder and lightning and he gave name to the day Thursday. He was also a God of War and he was ginger. Well, yes, he was. He was a gingernut. A bit like Prince Harry but with a hammer and some goats and a chariot. Harry has no chariot, although he might have goats, we don’t know.

The Valkyries
Warrior maidens who attended to Odin. The biatches of Valhalla, really, these lady Gods also conducted slain warriors to the halls of Odin, for their judgement on how they fought.

the hall of slain heroes ruled by Odin. The hall had a total of 540 doors, each allowing up to 800 soldiers to walk. The roof was made of decorated Norse shields. Okay, so Valhalla is probably not going to win for toughness, but it was a pretty cool place.

Who do you think is toughest of the old Norse Gods?


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