Makrell i Tomat – ‘Plane Crash’ – A Fishy Favourite

Posted by Martina Wade | Scandi Life
Stabburet makrell i tomat brodskive, macakrel in tomato stabburet

Stabburet Makrell i Tomat – Everyday Hero #3

This is the third of six posts – each presenting one of our favourite everyday products. The things we eat again and again and that always provide a taste of home.

The stereotypical Norwegian diet is largely assumes as ‘fish and potatoes’ – and whilst not entirely true, Norwegians are indeed fond of fish and seafood, both for availability, tradition, taste and health-boosting reasons. There’s fish cakes, fish pudding, kaviar – creamed cod roe, sardines, mackarel and salmon – all common breakfast or sandwich toppers. The most famous, and perhaps the best loved, is the iconic yellow tin of mackarel in tomato sauce.

Makrell i Tomat - mackarel in tomato stabburet

Nicknamed ‘plane crash’ by children (we won’t go into why), this little tin is a tasty combo of rich mackarel fillets in a thick tomato sauce. Delicious on bread or crispbread, and filling and healthy too. Topped with crunchy cucumber (or mayo, if you are so inclined), it is a wonderful meal any time of day (just beware of the mackarel breath – bring gum).

We’re fans – a super easy way of upping your intake of fish and Norwegianise your cupboards (we know you want to).  Here’s a simple recipe to get you started – Mackarel Open Sandwich.


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