A lot of ways to say ‘crazy’ in Norwegian

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A lot of ways to say ‘crazy’ in Norwegian

Hello. So, our Martina is from Norway and she was reading this article the other day (click here) about how the word ‘Texas’ means crazy in Norway.

She has put together a handy list of other ways you can convey the crazy/stupid meaning in Norwegian…

Norwegian expressions that all mean crazy/backwards in some form or other;


Sprø – as in Crisp – ‘Er du helt sprø?’ Meaning: Are you totally nuts?

Pling i bollen – Ding in the bowl, i.e. the sound that comes when an item is dropped into an empty bowl. Meaning your head is empty. ‘Er du helt pling i bollen?’ Meaning: Airhead.

‘Tett i pappen’ – Thick in the cardboard, ie. Thick in your brain.

‘Dum som et brød’ – dumb as a bread. Well, bread is dumb.

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‘Å være på jordet’ – Be on the meadow – meaning: You’re so far off

‘Være på bærtur’ – To be foraging for berries – You’re way off

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‘Født bak en brunost’ – born behind a brown cheese – an idiom for being a bit slow.

‘Helt Texas!’ Meaning: About a situation being totally crazy, e.g.: The traffic was totally Texas!

Any more to add to the list? Pop them in the comments.

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