Looking for Joey…

Back in the Eighties, Jonas went to his first ever concert. It was Europe and the song of the moment was The Final Countdown. He had curly hair and so did Joey Tempest, the lead singer. Peas, pods and all that.

We’ve just heard heard that the guys are touring again – more details on their website here about their gig in Derby on 16th August – www.europetheband.com

The guys at ScandiKitchen are excited, of course. Will it be the same as back then? Will Joey Tempest still have big curly hair? Will they wear tight trousers? Will they do The Final Countdown on their new tour?

Do you have any cringy EUROPE stories? We’d love to hear them and may even rewards you in nice coffees if we see fit.

A bit of trivia: Did you know that Joey Tempest’s real name is Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson? Talk about killing the magic. Sorry.


Joey Jonas

Jonas Aurell     /   Joey Tempest

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