Lindsborg, Kansas: official “Little Sweden USA”

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According to a nice gentleman from Kansas who wrote to us this week, the people of Lindsborg in Kansas all have Dalarhorses outside their doors. They all eat cinnamon buns all day long and speak mock Swedish to each other. Maybe.

Home to 3,321 people, most of Swedish heritage, Lindsborg was founded in 1869 by a group of immigrants from Värmland in Sweden.

Lindsburg invented something they call “The Wild Dalas” which is a group of Dala Horses dotted around the town, painted in lovely bright colours.

If you fancy visiting, stay at the Swedish Country Inn LINK http://www.swedishcountryinn.com/ and enjoy Swedish style food. This possibly involves herring.


Hey, that is NOT a horse, people! And bunnies do not have horns, so they don’t.



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