Kuckelimuck Cake (thanks, Auntie Inga)

Last year, we found another one of Aunt Inga’s old recipes. As some of you know, Aunt Inga is Jonas’ great aunt who is responsible for our Sticky Swedish Chocolate cake. Aunt inga was so fond of food and she was a great cook.

In her old recipe folder we also found this recipe for something she calls ‘Kuckelimuck Cake’.

Kuckelimuck is a word invented by ‘Karlsson on the Roof’: a story by Astrid Lindgren who wrote about the boy who had a friend called Karlsson who flew around (he had a propeller on his back) and did naughty things and got the boy into trouble.

Karlsson believed that if you were sick, your medicin was Kuckelimuck – but kuckelimuck to Karlsson was just a whole load of different sweeties.

So, while we have been re-working Aunt Inga’s recipe for Kuckelimuck cake, we have been a bit inspired by Karlsson himself too. Today we decided to honour them both and here is the result: our Kuckelimuck Cake. Lovely vanilla sponge with icing and a bucket load of sweeties.

While we’re not planning to sell the cake in the shop, we wanted to share the result with you never the less. Mainly because we just love the word Kuckelimuck.

lovely Aunt Inga


the recipe we found …




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