January’s artist: Åsa Wikman

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We love our wall downstairs in the cafe. Most of all, we love that every month, we have lovely new amazing art work displayed there. From photography to paintings and illustrations.


This month belongs to the brilliant illustrator Åsa Wikman.


You can see more of Åsa’s work here


See her lovely display at the cafe all of January.


Do you fancy being having your art work displayed at ScandiKitchen? Here’s your chance. Each month we pick a new artist to decorate our wall.


We have a few rules, though:


– The art work comes to us frame and ready to hang, ideally no larger than 40 x 80. We can accommodate up to 4 paintings or frames.


– The work MUST be either by a Scandi artist or photographer OR someone depicting Scandinavia.


– The write up about the artist has to be no larger than A5 – we can add this on the wall next to the frames


– We will not sell or be responsible for any sales of the art work – all comms about the art work will need to be on the A5 note including contact details


– When the 1 months is up, the artist is responsible to picking up the art work again


– We accept no responsibility for damage etc to any works – we will do out best to keep things nice, but the items are hung here on owners responsibility.


– No moving of nails or hooks – we have only what we have here and can’t start moving nails around


– Please, no frames that are massively heavy, it is just a basic wall.


Other than that, it is up to you.


To be considered for February’s Art Person, send some suggestiosn of your work to bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk.


We’ll let you know by mid January if you’re the chosen one.


Ps – please dont send massive images. Small versions of your work is good.


paint blues away



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