J-Day at ScandiKitchen 2013 – 15th November 18:00

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Tradition in Denmark is to have a bit of a do when the annual Christmas Beer from Tuborg is released.

So, we thought we’d have a it of a do too when our stash gets into store on the 15th November.

We’re a few weeks behind the Danish event, but it does take a while for the delivery to come over… Still, better later than never, we say.

The soiree is an invite only thing – but you can get your name on the list by e-mailing bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk.

There will be Julebryg beers, glogg, aebleskiver snacks, Danish hot dogs and of course some really awful Danish Christmas music.

We can only accomodate a certain number of people so get your name down on that list, pronto.


The Kitchen People x

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