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Fredagsmys fredagskos
Fredagsmys like a pro

Fredagsmys, or fredagskos, is a big deal in Scandinavia – especially in Norway and Sweden. The Danes have their Fredagshygge, but this is not quite as strict as Fredagsmys. One thing we do all agree on though – settling down in the lounge together with friends or family for some good old telly-watching and snacks-eating, is a lovely way to spend Friday night. Partying is for Saturdays – on Fridays we stay in.

So if you’ve ever thought to yourself – oh I wish I could stay in and watch telly whilst eating some snacks like a true Scandi but I don’t know how to do it properly (and frankly, who hasn’t?) – this is for you. A recipe on how to fredagsmyse.

The Rules of Fredagsmys
  1. Fredagsmys must happen on a Friday.

  2. Fredagsmys can be done in your own company, but it is more mys when you have someone to share it with. This also means you have someone to share the snacks with meaning the elasticated waistbands can remain in hiding a little longer.
  3. Fredagsmys is called Fredagskos in Norway. The Danes call it Fredagshygge but they are less strict about the following points which mostly apply to Norway and Sweden.
  4. ‘On Fridays, we eat taco’. It is a rule. Taco may not sound Scandinavian, but it is. Really.On Fridays We Eat taco
  5.  Fredagsmys Tacos normally looks something like this;Taco fredagsmys
  6. Fredagsmys consists of both savoury and sweet snacks.

  7. Fredagsmys has its own song – and this song is enough to put people in the right mood. It has both a Norwegian and a Swedish version, but the message is the same. No crisps – no Fredagsmys (guess which companies paid for the song?). You can watch the Norwegian ‘Fredagskos’ version here, and the Swedish (very similar) ‘Fredagsmys’ here.
  8. There must be crisps on the table. And dip is crucial. Cheez doodles are also a good choice, but is most commonly found in addition to crisps – mostly because we must. have. dip. And one cannot dip cheez doodles.
    Chips dip fredagsmys
  9. In case you were still wondering, no, Fredagsmys is not the day for dieting. Although, if you really want to, you can serve crudites as well as crisps. Crudites is just a fancy word for sliced up raw crunchy vegetables. These can also be dipped, so are an acceptable addition.
  10. The sweet stuff – it is all about pick and mix. A big bowl, preferably bought especially for this very function. If at all possible it should have the word ‘Sweets’. ‘Candy’ or ‘Godteri’ on the side. A Scandi selection of pick and mix will contain everything from salty liquorice to soft and fluffy marshmallows, speckled with super sour, fruity and chocolatey bits. But the great thing about pick and mix? You can choose your favourites. We won’t judge (as long as you don’t eat OUR favourites).

    Pick and mix fredagsmys fredagskos
  11. Chocolate bars are also allowed in addition to the pick and mix. In fact, our resident Swedes say you must have at least one bar of Marabou chocolate. In Norway the equivalent would be Freia. Whichever floats your boat. Preferably big bars that can be shared between you. Or not, if you are flying solo.

    Marabou chocolate bars
  12. Watching TV is essential. Playing board games is an acceptable substitution but does make eating harder. In Sweden, the TV highlight of Fredagsmys is Pa Sporet. We are not quite sure what this is but it excites the Swedes. In Norway they watch ‘Gullrekka’ which isn’t a program, but a collective term used about all the shows on the biggest channel shown on a Friday night. Golden line, it means.
    Watching tv fredagsmys
  13. Done right, Fredagsmys will leave you snoozing/asleep on the sofa. Full of taco, crisps, dip and sweets. You will go to bed without clearing the table.
  14. Eating the leftover slightly stale crisps from the bottom of the bowl is a perfectly acceptable Saturday morning snack. And if you have children, this means you probably can stay in bed a little longer before they need feeding as they already have some snacks prepared.
    Leftover crisps fredagsmys

Anything we left out? Let us know in the comments so we can update our list. Fancy some Scandi goodies for an authentic Fredagsmys of your own? Have a look at our range of sweets and snacks here.

Happy Friday!


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