Fem Fyrar from gp.se

Even though Bronte is Danish, she is obsessed reading Swedish “Best in Test” pages. That is because she’s secretly planning to become Swedish*. In Sweden, every publication has a test page – and gives scores out of five on anything from hair dryers to toilets. Look, here LINK http://www.gp.se/konsument/tester/1.448273-lappstift-10 they are testing the Top Ten Lipsticks…

Per Nordangaard, the Gothenburg Post UK correspondent did a piece on Christmas in London for Swedes last week and we were in it. Nice. And thanks for the 5 lighthouses, Bronte is very pleased.



*she’s also started to announce to everyone when she needs a pee – also a very Swedish thing to do. That, and she loves IKEA.


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