Eurovision 2016 – It has begun!

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eurovision 2016

Eurovision 2016 – It has finally begun! Every week we will have our Eurovision expert, Mr David Jørgensen, giving us news and comments on the wonderful world of Eurovision. Fancy reading more? Mr Jørgensen also writes at Schlagerfiasko.

Eurovision season is upon us and it’s a new EU law that you have to watch it. (Hence why the UK is having a vote on staying in.) The only Nordic country to have chosen so far is Denmark, which, when faced between two fairly decent songs and one rather boring boyband, plumped for the one that is unlikely to bring the contest back home in 2017. They’re still arguing in Copenhagen about who’s paying the bills for last time.

Lighthouse X’s Soldiers Of Love is harmless enough, though. And they’re all pretty.

(It’s Lighthouse TEN, btw. Not Lighthouse Ex.)

Meanwhile, the UK is getting its own public decision later this month. The last time the British public got to choose, the song came last. So what could possibly go wrong? Just be thankful that it’s only one evening on BBC4. Please, nobody mention Scooch.


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