Don’t blame the British…

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This week, we have mostly been discussing things we (as in Scandinavians living here) do not quite comprehend. The main thing is sinks with single taps so you either burn or freeze your hands when you try to wash them. We wondered about carpets in the bathroom – admittedly these are now fast becoming a thing of the past, but it is still disturbing to us. And do not get us started on the topic of insulation of houses…

Another thing that came up was the toilet roll dolls. We tried to blame the grannies of England but it turns out we may have to blame the Scandies instead? Some websites claim it was also a Scandinavian trend back in the fifties. The horror that we may be responsible for such a trend is terrifying to us.

Can anyone shed a light on this?

Does anyone comprehend why this website LINK http://www.thetoiletrolldolls.com/#/a-double-forward-roll/4538086583 was ever made with short films about toilet roll dolls?

We’d love to hear about peculiar British things – and indeed stuff that may actually be Scandinavian. What are OUR peculiarities, apart from fermented herring and Whigfield?

YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/v/VVmXfuyJ7DM?


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