Dans le Noir – Scandi Style

It was an eventful day at SK yesterday.  No power at all.  We were in darkness.  In fact, most of the street was left powerless for a long, long time.  Hours (felt like days).

We all lost power just as lunch time got busy.  We had thought that people might decide to leave and pop back to the office, but iphones finally proved useful and people started using them to light up their plates to see what they were eating.  Keep calm and carry on indeed.

So, we popped some candles on and kept going.

We’d like to feed back to you that there was some exciting reason for the power cut, but sadly, “some substation has fried itself” doesn’t sound exciting in any language.

We’re happy to report that power is back on and that we are armed with a bunch of powercut-puns for the a-board.


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