Covid-19 (Corona virus) update

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Covid-19 (Corona virus) update


You’ve probably seen many announcements about companies updating their COVID-19 (coronavirus) policies today. This is ours.

From today, we have decided to only accept card and contactless payments in our café. This will greatly help the extremely dry hands of our poor cashiers, who have been washing and sanitising after every cash transaction.

We also wear gloves in our serving area.

Of course, we already had a vigorous sanitary routine that we stepped up over a month ago, including the extra sanitising of all common areas, door handles and touched surfaces many times a day.

On advice, we have very reluctantly decided not to accept reusable cups brought from home for the time being. You can still enjoy your coffee in a normal porcelain cup if you’re staying in the café (because we machine wash at more than 85 degrees and we have very clean hands). If you do prefer a disposable cup, just ask. Our disposable cups and boxes are compostable or recyclable wherever possible.

For customers of our online shop:

We are already highly accredited in our general warehouse practices due to our varied customer base, including individuals, supermarkets and other businesses. This is a super-high standard and we already apply strict sanitation guidelines as well as strict hand washing routines. For ScandiKitchen, this is just standard and nothing new. In addition, we are making sure the same rules apply to anyone who enters our warehouse building and for the couriers who enter the building to pick up parcels being shipped to you across the UK.

Safety ALWAYS comes first for both our customers and teams. We want to look after our guys physically and mentally in getting through this. It’s easy to lose sight of the main messages in all the worry and panic, but we are following government guidelines strictly in addition to our extra safety measures.

In all of this, everybody knows that a lot of smaller businesses will suffer greatly over the next few months, some to breaking point. So please don’t stop shopping locally, don’t stop getting your daily coffee, don’t shun your local florist, your favourite Chinese takeaway or your beloved independent pub while things are still open. More than ever, it’s time to #shopindependent.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you

The Kitchen People x

PS: please keep washing your hands.


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