Celebrated in style

Our first birthday was celebrated in style at Scandi Kitchen. We served nice herring and even nicer lagkage (layer cake). all day to anyone who fancied it and we even had a little soiree in the evening for some close friends from the hood and around.

The best bits from our birthday were:

All the nice flowers and cards we got – thank you to everyone who brightened up our day, we love them
Knowing we have lots of friends
A few of you feeling the warmth after a few aquavits in the evening – we liked the dancing. And hugging.
Jonas sticking his whole face in one of the lagkager
Photos are courtesy of Anu, Camilla and a few that we took – but mainly Anu and Camilla. Thanks for remembering your cameras, girls.

About 700 canapés were eaten at our little party – these are the crayfish and coriander tunnbröd rolls – very popular indeed.


Seb was doorman, Josh popped by and Phil the Photographer didn’t take many photos but did spend time trying to get away from Jonas, who was on a mission with a lagkage…


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