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8 Reasons Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the Man

8 Reasons Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the Man – and why we love our Swede

Where is Scandinavia?

Nordic and Scandinavia is not the same thing. This explains it all.

Are you wearing clean underpants?

The annual appeal for new clean underpants and socks for the homeless men in London. Please help out by donating in the shop or send us some new underpants.

Meet some good friends of ours… Lisa’s at Portobello

Aside from running our lovely little café and shop in Central London, we have a rather fancy snazzy warehouse out in Park Royal (It’s called ‘StockHome’). From there, we operate the web-shop and also our Wholesale Department.

Ten cool Vikings

[button type=”default” size=”large” link=”../shop”]Shop around for more scandi food…[/button] Let’s face it: We have quite a few to choose from. Here’s our selection Harold Bluetooth Dear old Harold. Not only […]

Celebrate Bun Week with us 21-27 July 2014

Next week  (21-27 July 2014) is bun week at the cafe. Here’s the voucher you need in order for you to get your mitts on a free cinnamon bun on […]

Kransekage / Kransekake – the traditional Nordic celebration cake

Where to order traditional Kransekage / Kransekake in London

New Swedish School in London (weekend classes for kids)

We got this info about the new Saturday School for Swedish speaking kids in North London. They have spaces – please contact below.  

Hans Rosling on Population Growth in the world (worth watching)

Here’s a Swede worth listening to, even if he uses Ikea boxes to illustrate a point. The point is about how to tackle global poverty and population growth. It’s worth […]

Two Swedish girls went to Uganda…

We heard about these two Swedish girls the other month and have been following their progress. LINK http://skitungarna2011.blogspot.com/2011/02/vad-i-hela-friden-ar-det-har.html In short, two Swedish students went to Uganda. There, they helped set […]

5th May 1945: Liberation of Denmark

Okay, yes, we know it: lots of other places were liberated too in May 1945 by the British… But being Scandies, we get a little nostalgic around this time of […]

One of the best inventions to revolutionise 2010: Peepoo bags (yes, really)

2.6 billion people just got their own toilet. Invented by Swedes. Oh but of course. We hail any incentive to make the world a better place and making it better […]

Eating your way around the world

We had some really lovely visitors on Saturday - a group of foodies are eating their way around the whole of the alphabet. We were lucky to be the D [...]

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