A bunch of stuff the Scandinavians invented

Posted by Bronte Aurell | Fun stuff, Scandi Life


1. The zip.

Without the zip, your pants would be around your ankles or you’d be wearing braces. Thank the Swedes for this one.


2. The cheese slicer

Seriously, can you imagine a world without a cheese slicer? Just don’t enter into a discussion with us about the different types… (metal for hard cheese, plastic for the softer ones – and the string cheese slicer for any of the Danish cheeses).


3. Dynamite

Boom. Thanks, Alfred Nobel. Oh, and thanks for the Nobel prize, too.

4. Lego

The biggest toy company in the world. We can’t get enough of Lego and parents the world over thoroughly enjoy stepping on that missing two’er that never seems to make its way back into the box.

5. Tetra-Pak

Yes, that handy thing your juice is in. You know, the special type carton.  Tak, Sverige.

6. Safety matches.

Yes, thanks again, Swedes.

7. The Loudspeaker

Peter L. Jensen invented the loudspeaker in 1915. Okay, he launched it in America but he was Danish.


8. The adjustable wrench.

Also known as Monkey wrench. You need one of these if you want to be handy around the house and assemble (mainly Swedish) furniture and stuff. Ikea is also Swedish. Coincidence? Not.

9. Gas turbine

Thanks to the Norwegians. Who also invented brown cheese (that has nothing to do with gas turbines, but we wanted to get it in there because brunost is utterly awesome).


10. Clap Hat

Thanks, Denmark, for your glorious contribution.


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