Brown Cheese wonders

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Cheese is cheese, you say. Well, not quite so. There is an army of tyrophiles across the world who will beg to differ when it comes to this kind of white stuff.

Except, this particular cheese is not white: It’s brown.

In Norway, and as far as we know Scandinavia is the only producer of this in the world, they enjoy something called Brunost – literally, brown cheese. Guess what? It IS brown.

The reason for it being brown is that when they boil milk, cream and whey for seevral hours, the water evaporates and the heat turns the milk sugar into caramal, giving the cheese its distinct taste and characteristics. Brown cheese is usually made with goat’s milk or a mixture of goat and cow’s milk.

If you’ve never had brown cheese, it is a bit like trying Marmite for the first time: you’ll either love it or hate it. Fortunately, most people love it.

It’s a hard cheese – you need a good cheese slicer such as one of these to slice it.

Enjoy it on crispbread or crackers – or, if you want to be super Norwegian, on warm waffles. It’s delicious.

We stock 4 kinds of brown cheese – you can buy them in our webshop.

The mildest of the lovely brown cheeses (flotemysost) – try this one


For a bit of a medium taste, try this goats/cow version called Gudbrandsdalen


The more goat cheese loving crowd should go for the Ekte Geitost – Real Goast Cheese (750g)


Or how about a mild spreadable version from Sweden? This is called Messmor. Utterly delightful. Find it here.



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