Ask the Scandies: Why do the Danes call a small hill a mountain?

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Norway has its fjords. Sweden has a few peaks. But Denmark is flat. If Denmark were a woman, Trinny and Susannah would have nothing much to grope. Which is why everyone is very proud of Himmelbjerget – The Heaven Mountain.

To be honest, if you tried to get to Heaven on top of Himmelbjerget, you may as well be stood in the Thames Estuary, as it’s only 147 metres above sea level. But, as T&S would agree, you’ve gotta make the best of what you got. So the Danish people proclaimed it as their highest point in all the land.

Now, you can see where Hans Christian Andersen got his ideas from, because Himmelbjerget was pipped to the post of the title by Møllehøj, which is 170.86 metres above sea level. But Møllehøj doesn’t look like a mountain, really. Just an ever-increasing gradient. So everyone prefers Himmelbjerget. Well, actually, that doesn’t look like a mountain, either. The Emperor has nothing on at all!

Anyway, the point of the story is this: My great-grandfather, Lauritz Ludvig Kronholm, decided to leave Denmark in the early 20th century to live in the UK. We’re still trying to establish why, because while we were having fun under Mrs Thatcher, everything was wonderful back in the homeland (ahem). Lauritz was 168cm tall. That’s about 5 foot 6 inches. That is exactly the same as me, David Frederik Kronholm. In other words, we missed out on the great growth spurt that the rest of the family enjoyed later on. So, for both of us, Himmelbjerget is a mountain. It’s very high indeed and we’re both keen to continue to believe that, because it makes us feel better about our height.

Post by Mr David Jørgensen, 5 foot 6 inches tall.




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