A story of coincidence?

Our Jonas used to live in Australia. That’s when he had bleached blond hair and spent his days studying Marketing and his evenings selling underwear/disco dancing/stroking koalas.

Eh, yeah.

When he was in Sydney, he knew a guy called Paul.

Back in London, many moons later, Jonas set up a cafe called Scandi Kitchen that does really good coffee and amongst his first regulars were the exceptionally nice Hannah and Dave. Who moved to Sydney and then to Queensland, many moons after that.

Paul, in the mean time, married Eve and set up a cafe doing really good coffee in Queensland.

One day, Jonas got an e-mail from Hannah and Dave telling him that in Queensland, they now get their coffee from this really yummy place called Quest and that it reminds them so much of going to Scandi Kitchen.

Amazing that Hannah and Dave had no idea we know Paul and Eve.

We love it when the world suddenly become infinitely smaller – it makes us feel so close to our friends on the other side of the world.

If you’re ever in Queensland, pop by and say Hi to Paul and Eve: they do amazing coffee http://questcoffee.com.au/



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