We’re 6 years old. Yes, really. Happy Birthday to us.

It started off as a chat over a glass of wine. Or four. It became an idea, a passion. ‘Let’s open a deli’ we said. Then we chucked in our day jobs and made it happen.

Six years ago Jonas & Bronte opened the doors to ScandiKitchen for the first time. Since then, we’ve grown from being a team of a few to teams of many and we now have a big Warehouse (called ‘StockHome’) and a web shop and we have a wholesales team too.

We’re so very proud to be here and to be able to serve our daily Smorgasbord of open sandwiches and supply the Scandi community and scandophiles with Nordic foods. We love what we do and we love you for supporting us and continuing to help make it all happen.

Pop by on Wednesday for a piece of cake or something. We’re gonna celebrate. Feel free to sing Happy Birthday if you feel like it.

Here are some photos from the old days – the days just before we opened and the day after. Did you know we opened our doors and had a baby the same day? Yes – Jonas and Bronte’s daughter Astrid will also be turning six years old. She’d hoping for a One Direction poster, a purple pony and a really fancy colouring book.

Lots of Scandi Love

Jonas, Bronte and the whole lovely team at SK




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