The 2017 Eurovision Bingo Card from ScandiKitchen

Posted by Bronte Aurell | Scandi Life

The 2017 Eurovision Bingo Card from ScandiKitchen

It is one of our favourite times of the year: Eurovision. We get together, drink pina colada and cringe at the (often) awful songs, cheer on our homelands and eat far too many cheez doodles.

Every year since 2010 we have made Eurovision Bingo Cards. This year is no exception. From Wednesday 3rd May onwards you can pick up printed cards in the cafe – or simply print your bingo cards from here.

We play on twitter. There are not really any rules – we just like to pretend its a game so we can have an excuse to drink another Pine Colada and come up with half witty tweets. Do join us on the night – Saturday 13th May 2017.

Ps – on Eurovision Final day, we usually have feather boas, Graham Norton Cupcakes, lots of glitter, Eurovision bunting and more at the cafe. You really should pop by.


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