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Penguin of the week: Pondus

July 12, 2011 | 1 Comment

Speak to any Dane born in the seventies and it is pretty certain he or she will remember this little penguin called Pondus who used to wear a red scarf and live at Copenhagen Zoo.

What most will not remember is that the series of photo books that were published were done by a photographer called Ivar Myrhøj. He made 4 books from 1966-69. The series of Pondus books was even translated into English and we were super surprised to find that old English copies of this books now sell to collectors for quite a handsome sum of money. LINK http://www.amazon.com/Pondus-Penguin-Ivar-Myrhoj/dp/B000MTRSAO

What even less people in Denmark know is that Pondus the Penguin was also a mascot for a Canadian messenger firm in 2005. He got around, did our Pondus.

Pondus was also the mascot for Danske Bank back in the day and we all had one of these money banks in the shape of Pondus.


Pondus, you are truly worthy of being Penguin of the Week. But mainly because you used to come along to birthday parties and eat hotdogs and stuff.

Ak 064
Ak 065
What the **** am I doing here? They don’t even serve herring.

Four is a magic number (happy birthday to us)

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The bump made an appearance the day after opening the shop…

It takes quite a bit to make us feel all nostalgic, but really, on Sunday 10th July we definitely did. That’s because it was our 4th birthday.

For those of you who do not know the background to why Scandi Kitchen was born, well, Jonas and Bronte both gave up their day jobs (innocent drinks and Barclays, respectively) to open a cafe/deli where both locals, Scandi ex pats and foodies could meet over a nice cup of coffee and some open sandwiches. We hadn’t quite expected to open on the 10th july 2007 and have a baby on 11th July less than 24 hours later, but we survived and managed it all.

We’ve loved every minute. It’s been tough at times trading in what has essentially been a recession in the UK from the first month of opening – but it has been worth it. We have a fantastic team of dedicated wonderful people working with us – and the most amazingly loyal customers one could ever hope to get to know. We are super proud to be totally independent.

So, THANK YOU for all your support over these past four years both at the Cafe and at the new Scandinavian Food online store – and here’s a raised glass for the next four years ahead where we have many big plans… more to come soon on that one.

this was the sign on the front door before we opened…

Bronte and Jonas sitting in the mess that became the shop floor

Peter (Jonas’ cousin) helping out in the days before opening


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