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The origin of the Little Frog song: REVEALED

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Thanks so much to Nathalina (and all you others) who took the time to write in after our question about the Swedish Midsummer song “små grodarna”. It turns out the song is actually French. Yes, really: a french miltary song.

Don’t believe us? Have a look below.

The song is called The Onion March. The Brits made a parody of the song and changed some of the lyrics to “Au pas,grenouilles!” (“I takt, små grodor!). Well, we don’t think it needs any more explanation than that, then.



Special treatment for the Swedes? Typical.

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The EU laws are there for a reason, you know. Bananas are not supposed to be bendy, cucumbers must be uniform and straight or else they cannot fulfil their purpose in life. That is so because the people of Brussels have spoken and said so. So. There. You. Go.

Except, there are exceptions and lately, some of us Danes and Norwegians at SK and realising it is always the Swedes who have to be difficult and different and get special treatment.

First up, SNUS:

Snus is basically tobacco compressed into little pouches that look at bit like teabags that you stuff up under your top lip instead of smoking a cigarette. if you are hardcore you get the “loose” snus which is the same thing but without the bag around it. Either way, until you get the hang of it, you look like you have a fat lip.

The EU banned Snus quite a few years ago, but Sweden got an exception to this because of tradition. So far, so good.

But NOW we’re learning that the EU also gave special permission to Sweden for fermented herring. A-ha! Yes, Surstromming contains a seriously high level of dioxins, which are not very good for you at all, really. So, the Brussels people banned it in 2002 but gave Sweden exception. See? There they go again, always wanting to be different, getting special treatment.

The exception runs out in 2011 and currently, Sweden’s agriculture minister Eskil Erlandsson is pleading with the EU to extend the permission to eat rotten herring that smells really, really bad.

EU commissioner John Dalli, who has been dealing with the case, was asked if he’d actually tried the delicacy and said he had been recommended not to go near it due to the awful smell.

They did it. She said JA!

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On Saturday, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden said JA to Daniel, fitness trainer of Sweden. Now they are man and wife and the whole country celebrated with them until the wee hours of the morning. Apparently, Per from Roxette was among the last to leave the party, at 5 am. We are guessing he was the one jumping up and down on the sofa, singing “she’s got the look” into an empty snaps bottle. All sing: Na na na na naaa.

The party was amazing, apparently: a bit like a deck of cards with 6 kings and nine queens. A few jacks and no jokers and it was almost a full house. (see what we did there? Bada bing).

We here at Scandi Kitchen wish the couple all the best for their future and we hope their unison will bring about many little new Swedes each bearing at least 6 middle names.


There were 1200 guests at the wedding. There are not 1200 people in this picture, no, but have you ever tried to get 1200 people together without anyone doing secret rabbit ears behind someone’s head? Well, you try it. We bet their still had to ‘photoshop’ this picture, taking out Danish Prince Henrik’s rabbit ears on Carl Gustav. We wouldn’t put it past him.

The Wedding of the Year

June 16, 2010 | 2 Comments

We’ve gone Royal mad.  So excited are we about the royal wedding on Saturday 19th where Victoria will marry Daniel and world balance, peace and harmony will be restored (probably).

We from Scandi Kitchen send them all our best wieshes.  Not that they read this blog anyway, but if they did, they’d know we were thinking of them, which is nice.



Swedish National Day

June 2, 2010 | Leave a comment

It is Swedish National Day in a few days and what better way to get your kids into the spirit of things than by getting your hands on one of these super cute National Dresses from Kidsen, the super excellent Children’s store in west London?

You can find out more about Kidsen here – and you can also order online.



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