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One of the best inventions to revolutionise 2010: Peepoo bags (yes, really)

January 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

2.6 billion people just got their own toilet.

Invented by Swedes. Oh but of course. We hail any incentive to make the world a better place and making it better does not necessarily include dancing around in your pretty summer dress or calling your mum on Sundays. Sometimes, we just have to talk about poo.

Introducing the Peepoo bag. It does what it says on the, eh, bag.

In the world today more than 2.6 billion of people has no access to basic sanitation. That means that 40 out of 100 person lacks even the most simple latrine to perform their needs. The lack of toilets affects both society and the individual through the contamination of fresh water and ground water. Human faeces contain viruses, bacteria, worms and parasites which kills and infects people with serious diseases. One child in the world dies every 15 seconds due to contaminated water.

Well, what if it was your child?

It’s a bag. And it’s for people to do their business in. It’s biodegradable and once dug down into the ground, turns into fertiliser in around 4 weeks. And in a lot of the poorer countries, fertiliser is expensive but highly urgently needed, meaning it is just good thinking all round.

We think this is a great initiative and we urge you to spread the word. Any if you happen to be a world leader reading this, with a good deal of cash behind you, perhaps you could invest in a few million of these bags and send them to a place where they are needed. Just an idea.

Read more here LINK www.peepoople.com


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