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“Swedes are stupid” claims Norwegian professor.

August 12, 2009 | 2 Comments

We love a bit of Scandi banter – and nothing gets the Scandis up in arms as much as “who is the stupidest of all Scandinavian nations?”. A few weeks back, a Norwegian professor commented that “Swedes are studpid” due to their inabilities to understand the spoken Norwegian word well.

You can read the article in English here : www.thelocal.se/21208/20090810/

The Swedish paper, Expressen, hit back. And then came the comments from left, right and centre – most of them commenting that seeing as nobody understands the Danes, surely that must mean something?

We love it. Feel free to pop your own view in here. We take no responsibility for your opinions and we’d just like to say that we love everyone. Any comments with naughty words will be removed immediately.

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