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Happy Danish

March 9, 2009 | 1 Comment

We had a visit from Nicholas this week who was celebrating being Danish and felt like popping by for some open sandwiches and some Danish pastry.

So, why the celebration? Well, Nicholas was born in the UK to Danish parents which meant that to get his passport renewed he had to pass the new “Danish Citizenship Test”. On top of that, he also had to speak Danish for a while, to prove he could.

The Danish test is something that anyone who wants to be Danish has to pass now. You can test yourself here here. Bronte would like everyone to know that she failed the test miserably and from now on will label herself as “Udenlands Dansker”.

Congratulations to Nicholas, though, he passed with flying colours so we decorated his Scandwiches and made him carry a Danish flag around with him. We also told him that pasing the test means he has to swear alligance to Prince Henrik and wear Danish Flag underpants from now on forward for ever and ever.



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