This week’s silliest Scandinavian towns

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There is a quaint little town in Denmark whose name always make the Swedes and the Norwegians snigger: Bøgballe. Why? Because if you translate it, it means Gay Balls. Ah, you can say a lot about Scandinavians (or, frankly, people everywhere) – but that we are all mature and serious all the time is not the case.

Sweden is not without its own funky towns, however:

Fancy a trip to Fjuckby this summer, perhaps?

Or how about a day trip to Rövhålet, which literally translated means “Butthole”?

Outside Gothenburg one can enjoy a swim in any of the Yellow, Small or Big Arse lakes (Gula Röven, Lilla Röven, Stora Röven). Lovely.

In Norway, you can visit the town of Hell – and in Denmark you can enjoy a sunny day in Middelfart. No, we don’t get why that is funny, either.



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