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We’d like you to meet… Malin

November 26, 2015 | Leave a comment

Meet our lovely Malin, who is working at Stockhome Warehouse as a Christmas Elf this winter…

Hejsa, I’m Malin Henriksson, and I’m Swedish

I Randomly stumbled upon job ad online, been here almost two months as a Christmas Elf at the Stockhome Warehouse.

Favourite food items we stock? My favourite thing we stock is Ballerina biscuits

Least favourite thing? Surstromming..

Best track on the cafe playlist? Abba – The Winner Takes it Alll

Favourite open sandwich? Roast beef!

For me, the best place in Scandinavia is The West coast of Sweden

For Christmas I’m heading home to Scandiland to see the family

What motto do you live by? “It is what it is, it will be what it will be.”

First record you ever bought? Gyllene Tider – Best of (yup, even as a kid my cool factor was through the roof)’

When I was 8 I had a pet gold hamster.

In 10 years, I’ll likely be approaching a slight mid-life crisis but hopefully still enjoying life and whatever it brings me!

We’d like you to meet… our Tina

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Name: Tina

Nationality: Scandinavian-obsessed Brit, learning Norwegian.

I was a regular customer at ScandiKitchen for years, and now I’m the Café Manager, getting to work with the best people and facing daily food temptations.

Favourite food items we stock? My favourite thing we stock is Nidar Smash! It’s my drug. Tine Gudbrandsdalost (Norwegian brown cheese – the Red One). Also K-Salat Remoulade and Felix Rårörda Lingon. And Polarbröd Rågkaka. And Pågen LingonGrova bread. A regular Kvikk Lunsj fix is also necessary…
At a push, I would say that I’m not crazy about Kalles (yes, I actually said that). Though I have yet to try Surströmming.

Best track on the cafe playlist?  Anything by MØ.

Favourite open sandwich? Skagen salad on sourdough. People need to keep me away from this sandwich. Followed by a healthy portion of Love Cake. Or our Christmas Gingerbread Cake.

Best place in Scandinavia?
Oslo, Copenhagen, Reykjavík. The Norwegian fjords are too stunning for words. And a road trip through Iceland is breath taking.

For Christmas, I’ll be mainly sneaking as much Scandinavian Jule food into my family’s mouthes as possible, alongside a spot of cat-sitting and writing a chapter for a friend’s book.

What motto do you live by? Don’t cry because it’s over: smile because it happened.
In 10 years, I’ll be living in Oslo or Copenhagen (or anywhere else in Scandinavia).

We would like you to meet… our Sally

November 19, 2015 | Leave a comment

We would like you to meet… our Sally

Hejsan, my name is Sally. I’m Swedish.

I’ve been at ScandiKitchen now for a year and a half. I ended up here when I’d been living in London for a while, got loads of carvings for dill crisp and gräddost – payed a visit to the cafe and then terrorized the placed until the hired me!

My job at ScandiKitchen is mixed – I’m both a Barista and Kitchen Angel. I get to work both in the Kitchen and Front of House. It works well – I can do varied shifts and I study at uni alongside work, so no days are too samey.

My favourite food at ScandiKitchen is crispy onions or Super Piratos – can’t decide

My least favourite thing is Kalles Kaviar or surströmming – equally awful!

Best track on the cafe playlist is “Does your mother know” by ABBA.

My current favourite open sandwich is the Avocado, tomato, baby coriander and pumpkin seeds.

When I go back to Sweden, I love going to Herman’s Cafe in Stockholm.

At Christmas, I’m planning to eat my own body weight in Aladdin and Paradis chocolate, watch Love Actually at least four times, get drunk on mulled wine, dance around the Christmas tree and read all the Harry Potter books. Again.

First record I ever bought was The Best of Bowie cd. My little seven year old self thought he looked cool.

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