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Cold buttermilk soup (Koldskål): a Danish sunshine obsession?

March 12, 2012 | 1 Comment

As soon as the sun comes out, a strange thing happens to the Danes: they start to miss Buttermilk Soup.

We know this because 1) the sun is out and 2) Bronte has a craving for buttermilk soup – as has all the other Danes at Scandi kitchen.

Buttermilk soup is a dessert – you whisk egg yolk with vanilla and sugar and adder the sour buttermilk to the mixture (buttermilk being the leftover “milk” when you make butter from cream). Nowadays, we don’t often make butter at home – and butter milk has a super short shelf life anyway, so most of us buy it ready made in a carton and just add those sweet, delicious “kammerjunker” biscuits.

Some of us like to add chopped strawberries too, for the flavour of real summer.

However you have yours, just so you know, the guys at the warehouse predicted our cravings as well as this lovely nice weather we’re having – and we now have stock of this delightful summer soup.

Buy it here LINK http://www.scandikitchen.co.uk/search.php?search_query=kammer&x=0&y=0

Kold Kammer

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