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Eurovision Bingo 2016

April 28, 2016 | Leave a comment

Here it is: Your Eurovision Bingo Card for 2016.  Thanks to all of you who wrote in with helpful suggestions.

We will be playing live on Twitter on the night (14th May) – so pick up your Bingo cards in store or print it out here.

Don’t forget to raise your glasses for Mr Wogan at song number 9.


Eurovision 2016 update

April 21, 2016 | Leave a comment

Here’s Mr Jørgensen’s Eurovision update for this week. We’re getting excited now…  Just a month or so to go.


Not long to go until Eurovision finally happens (it does feel like it’s been going on since last summer at this stage) and Stockholm is preparing itself for an influx of fans by building a prefabricated Euroclub that looks a bit like a large warehouse. We’re sure it’ll be lovely with a few fairylights on.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.00.01 (1)

Meanwhile, Eurovision came to the UK. Not through a win, of course, but with the annual London Eurovision Party at Café de Paris in the West End. We were there, and it was a lovely evening. Plenty of acts, kicking off with Ireland’s Nicky Byrne and ending with the UK’s Joe and Jake. Everyone was fantastic and sang brilliantly ­ no duff vocals at all. The Nordics were represented by young Frans from Sweden, who is half­British and speaks English with an accent that sounds like he’s just stepped off the train from Canvey Island (a bit like us, come to think of it), and Gréta Salóme from Iceland, who plays the violin and is doing Eurovision for the second time. And there was a surprise appearance from Selma Björnsdóttir, who has also done Eurovision twice.

You may have read in the papers about a bit of criticism from the Swedish producer of this year’s Eurovision about how the UK respects the show. We’re going to sit on the fence about this one, of course. But we’ll be very angry with you if you dare to laugh at any of the performers.


Eurovision 2016 – Update

March 3, 2016 | Leave a comment

Eurovision 2016 – It has finally begun! Every week we will have our Eurovision expert, Mr David Jørgensen, giving us news and comments on the wonderful world of Eurovision. Fancy reading more? Mr Jørgensen also writes at Schlagerfiasko.

So now we’ve got every Nordic country except Sweden decided. Finland plumped for Sandhja’s Sing It Away, Iceland is sending back Greta Salóme (last seen in Baku 2012) and Norway ultimately had to decide between an overexcited Viking on a Jamaican holiday and a woman doing a Loreen impersonation. Agnete’s Loreen tribute won. Probably for the best. Sadly, Norway’s lesbian tribute to Laika the dog in space didn’t get through to the final.

Incidentally, one of Norway’s songwriters is a Brit. So some form of success may still await for the UK.

Sweden is about to embark on the fifth week of its six-week search for a song. We’ll be watching (so you don’t have to).

Back here next week.


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