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We stock a huge range of foods from all over Denmark, Sweden Norway and Finland. From delicatessen to treats and sweets, bread, spices, baking ingredeints and much more. The Uk’s biggest selection of Scandinavian foods. You no longer have to miss the foods and treats from home; just browse through our shop and make your selection. We deliver all over the UK and EU wide and have a range of shipping options to suit everyone (including free shipping).

Sweets & Snacks
Your favourite sweets and snacks, salty liquorice and more than 60 types of pick and mix. Fredagsmys!
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Special Offers
Weekly offers, special promos and new products - click through to browse.
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Feeling homesick? Stock your cupboards with the brands and products you know from home.
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Our favourite Scandi cheeses, meat products, herring and our own range of deli products.
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Bread, Biscuits & Baking
Bread, biscuits & baking goods from Annas, Wasa, Leksands, Delicato ++
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Drinks & Off Licence
Scandi favourites including coffees, aquavits, seasonal drinks and a selection of cold drinks and cordials.
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Celebrate Christmas with our range of authentic Scandi food and goodies.
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Feel at home with our Scandi themed prints, books, flags, decorations and more …
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Kids & Babies
Selected items for the little ones from Scandi favourite Semper.
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The Danish Shop
Your favourite Danish brands, from Fiskemanden, K-Salat and Stryhns, to Anthon Berg, Odense and Haribo.
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The Swedish Shop
Sweden’s best loved brands and products – from Prinskorv and Kottbullar to chocolates and snacks.
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The Norwegian Shop
The food you miss from Norway – including brown cheese, Norvegia, makrell, leverpostei, kvikk lunsj and solo.
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The Finnish Shop
Food and snacks from Finland – from Fazer sweets, chocolates and liquorice to rye flour, breads and salty snacks.
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Occasions & Events
Click through for special occasions, events and seasonal selections.
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Please note that all orders placed after 12th of December have missed the pre-Christmas deadline and will therefore not be shipped until January.
Our café & shop in central London is open until 23rd of December and will continue to get stock daily. Happy holidays! Dismiss

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