Semla baking competition…

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semla essential facts

UPDATE 4th March: THE WINNER OF THE BAKING COMPETITON IS GRETE MINUMETS – as chosen by our Shop Manager Rebekka.

Congratulations – your buns were particularly lovely looking.

Thanks to everybody who sent in pictures – we realyl enjoyed seeing all the great efforts and we cant wait to do more competitions. Cinnamon buns next?

Love, The Kitchen People x

First entry is in – from Rick in London.



And from Martin Ashton…



Richard Crowe – first time Semla baker and doing a pretty good job of it!



These, made by Anna, are dairy free. Made with the scandikitchen recipe and turned out very well. Light buns with almond filling and instead of whipped cream a confectioners custard made with rice milk.  Two Swedes have approved of them so far, Anna says…

2014-02-20 20.11.12


Linnea Dunne’s big buns below

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 21.12.26


Jude Killip made this lovely batch:

Semlor 2013

Julia Richard’s semlor – don’t they look awesome?



Molly Gartland – first time semlor baker:



Caroline Sinclair’s great Semlor below – first time Semlor baker, too!



Linda Edvardsen in London, below:



And lovely buns from Grete Minumets



And great buns from Jessica Resen Tfirst:

Jessica ResenTfirst


And Anne Sundquist made a lot of lovely buns:



And lovely Ian Mansfield was also baking:



Emily Bridge baked mini semlor for the office



And Gloria spiked her whipped cream with Amaretto… yum.



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