Leksands Crispbread

An introduction to Leksands Crispbread – from their everyday rye squares to the lovely rustic sourdough rounds.


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Leksands Crispbread – An Introduction

Leksands Crispbread

We have long been huge fans of Swedish crispbread maker Leksands. Pioneers in quality crispbread for everyday and festive occasions, they have a wide range of crispbreads suitable for everything from breakfast to dinner – snacks and nibbles. To help you choose, or simply learn a little more about Leksands, we’ve put together this handy guide.

Leksands bakery dates back to 1817 when Jakobs Karin started making crispbread just a stone’s throw from where the bakery is located today, and sold it to other nearby farms and the Leksands tourist centre. Leksands range has naturally changed through and with the times, but the high quality and great taste remains.

Leksands Normalgräddat – Original Rye Crispbread

A great all-rounder. Made with only four ingredients – wholemeal rye, salt, water and a little yeast, this crispbread’s subtle flavour makes it a popular choice and it compliments any topping sweet or savoury. Great with paté and gherkins or freshly sliced cucumber – also perfect for dipping, try with hummus or guacamole.

Leksands Brungräddat – Brownbaked Rye Crispbread

Brungräddat is a smooth, dark and rich tasting crispbread made from wholemeal rye. It is baked longer than your normal crispbread to further develop the flavours and the resulting crispbread is flavoursome and robust. It goes fantastically with a strong cheese or egg and Kalles kaviar – the all-Swedish breakfast combination.

Leksands Mini-Rut – Crispy Rye Squares 200g

A true Swedish staple, tender and crispy rye crispbread in the classic rectangular shape. Crispy Squares has been baked following Leksands traditional family recipe with all natural ingredients: wholegrain rye, water from Leksands’ own spring, yeast, and a pinch of salt. The checked pattern comes from using a special rolling pin on the dough. Not only does this give the bread an attractive pattern, it also makes it tender and crispy. Mini-Rut is a favourite with children and can easily be broken up into little rye squares to use as yoghurt topping or a little snack.

Fäbodknäcke Surdeg – Mountain Crispbread Sourdough 730g – Staff Favourite 

This sourdough crispbread is one of our newest additions – it has a rich, rustic flavour that we love. Great with cheese or salmon in particular – also wonderful with smashed avocado or egg. A wonderful option for breakfast, brunch, lunch and everything in between.

Fäbodknäcke – Mountain Crispbread 730g

This crispbread is inspired by one of our bakers here at Leksands. It is a lighter and crisper bread with a wonderful rustic feel. A great all-rounder that both looks and tastes impressive.

Fyra Sädesslag – Multigrain Triangles 200g

These multigrain triangle is a crispbread full of fibre and healthy goodness, made with wholegrain rye, oats, wheat and barley. Containing 16% dietary fibre it is a rich, wholesome and particularly healthy bread that is great for any meal.

Tre Kullor – Gourmet Range

Tre Kullor is Leksands range of smaller batch, flavoured crispbreads. Made by hand with only the  best ingredients, these crispbreads are great nibbles, try them as a healthier alternative to crisps. They are also great with toppings, for a filling snack or a delicious light lunch.

Knosad råg och Surdeg – Rye and Sourdough

A lovely rustic gourmet crispbread with rye and sourdough. Great with good quality ham and a smidgen of mustard, a cheese platter or for dipping – try it with hummus or tzatziki.

Pumpa och Melonkärnor – Melon & Pumpkin Seed

A wonderfully nutty crispbread that works well as a wholesome, delicious alternative to crisps. Doesn’t need anything else but works really well with cheese.

Havssalt & Frön – Seasalt & Seed

Crispy, crunchy and slightly salty – this too, is great as a nibble. Made with only the best ingredients in smaller batches, it is a delicious, versatile bread that is as good on its own as with egg, cheese or meat products.

Kantarell & Lingon – Girolle & Lingonberry

A wonderful snack-like crispbread flavoured with girolle mushroom and lingonberry, this crispbread works particularly well with a rich paté; the slight sweetness of the lingonberry compliments the flavour really well. Add some pickles on top and enjoy.. Also good with cream cheese which lets the flavour of the crispbread shine.

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