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Welcome to our baking shop. Here you’ll find all our baking ingredients gathered – from wheat flour for the perfect buns to proper rye, crushed rye flour and bread mixes – to spices, jams and gourmet ingredients like almonds paste and marzipan from Odense. As any baker has experienced, ingredients do differ across borders – so for a real Scandi treat we like to use the ingredients we know.

From proper Scandinavian vanilla sugar for aroma and flavour, to the best quality marzipan and almond paste and a range of flours for breads and buns – we have all your baking needs covered.
Scroll down to browse – and for baking inspiration why not check out our recipes – find them here

    Cinnamon Bun – Product Bundle
    £9.99 £8.99
    Jästbolagets Kronjäst – Fresh Yeast 50g – 2-pack
    Dr Oetker Kagecreme Vanilje – Instant Vanilla Creme 3x85g
    Cookie Cutter Christmas Tree
    Gingerbread House Baking Kit
    Kungsornen Vetemjol Special – Wheat Flour 2kg
    Scandikitchen: the Essence of Hygge – signed copy
    Kockens Kanel – Ground Cinnamon 85g
    Amo Mørkt Rugbrød – Dark Rye Bread Mix 1kg
    Amo Fuldkornsrugbrød – Rye Bread Mix 1kg
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Amo Skårne Rugkerner – Rye Kernels 1kg
    Kockens Potatismjol – Potato Flour 500g
    Kungsornen Vetemjol Finaste Kärn – Wheat Flour 2kg
    Dansukker Pärlsocker – Pearl Sugar 500g
    Rated 5.00 out of 5


Please note that all orders placed after 12th of December have missed the pre-Christmas deadline and will therefore not be shipped until January.
Our café & shop in central London is open until 23rd of December and will continue to get stock daily. Happy holidays! Dismiss

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