Tine Caramore – Brown Cheese 250g

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Tine Caramore (Bestemorost) Brown Cheese 250g – Caramore is a brown cheese made from a mix of goat’s cream, goat’s milk and cow’s whey to an old traditional recipe from the mountains of Norway. 

It has a rich and smooth texture with a sweet caramel flavour – utterly delicious. A richer, sweeter version of the original ‘Gudbrandsdalen’. The sweet taste makes it ideal to enjoy on waffles or buns – and also for baking, e.g. baked into buns, pancakes or scones. 

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There are a myriad of brown cheese varieties, from the very strong and tangy to the mild and sweet. This is somewhere in between – with a rich sweet taste but also a touch of tang and character. 

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Cow’s WHEY (from MILK), pasteurized goat’s MILK (103 g in 100 g cheese), CREAM, 18 % sugar, pasteurised cow’s MILK and acidity regulator (lactic acid).
Per 100g: Energy: 1914 kJ (458 kcal), fat 27g (of which saturated 17g, trans fat: 0.7g), carbohydrates 47g (of which sugars 46g), protein 9g, salt 0,7g.


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