Polarica Lingonberries 1kg (Tyttebær / Puolukka)


Polarica Lingonberries 1kg – Frozen lingonberries for cooking, baking and preserving. Please note – this item will be sent chilled and will defrost slightly in transit. It is fine to re-freeze, but may be slightly mushy.

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Lingonberries are a staple in Sweden and Norway, and we love serving them with rich meat dishes such as meatballs or sausages. Lingonberries grow wild in the Swedish and Norwegian forests, and are small, bright red berries with a very tart flavour. High in vitamin C and antioxidants – a bit of a superfood. Heat and stir with sugar for a delicious, homemade jam to serve with meatballs. Please note these are frozen but will be shipped chilled. They may defrost a little during shipping, but are fine to re-freeze – they may be a bit mushier though. We recommend using within 1 month.

Weight 1.12 kg

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