Nygårda Påskmust – Easter Soft Drink 1.5l – Best Before 27/8

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Nygårda Påskmust – Swedish Soft Drink 1.5l – A classic Swedish soft drink – a must for the big occasions like Easter and Christmas. This bottle is the Easter special.

Sweet and root beer like – so popular in Sweden that when it is on sale Coca Cola sales reportedly fall by about 50%. Best enjoyed ice cold with a savoury snack or meal, we think! Barbecue and hot dogs fits that bill perfectly, by the way.

 Think the bottle looks familiar? The same drink is sold for Christmas – but then sneakily named ‘Julmust’ instead. But it is the same – just as delicious for your Easter smörgåsbord as the Christmas one. So if this one is out of stock, get some of the one with the red label. 

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This drink is essential for a truly Swedish Easeter – it is THE soft drink for the Easter smörgåsbord.  Did we say it is rather sweet? Oh yes: your kids will love it.

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