Gea Blodpudding – Black pudding 500g


Gea Blodpudding – Black pudding 500g – Swedish black pudding. Best enjoyed pan fried with an egg and some lingonberry jam.

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Swedish black pudding is, as most black puddings, best when fried until crispy then served with an egg. In Sweden you’ll often see lingonberry jam on the side, too.

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Water, whole grain RYE flour, WHEAT flour, canola oil, blood powder of beef and pork, sugar, salt, spices (among others onions, cinnamon, coriander), aroma, preservative E250.

Nutritional information per 100g< h4>Energy 900 kJ 220 kcal, fett 9g, mattat fett 1,8g, koksalt 2 g, jarn 18 mg 128 % av DR1, dagligt referensintag).


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