Dent Salt Lakris – Liquorice Sugar Free 24g


Dent Salt Lakris – Liquorice Sugar Free 24g – Sugarfree salty liquorice pastilles.

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Salty liquorice pastilles with flavours of anise and Salmiak (that’s super salty liquorice in case you weren’t sure).

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Sweetner (maltitol, sorbitol, xylitol 3.5%, steviol glycosides **), stabilizer (gum arabic), water, ammonium salt, licorice, dye (E153), flavors, coating agents (vegetable oil (shea, coconut, palm), E901).

Nutritional information per 100g

Energy 655kJ 160 kcal, protein 1g, Carbohydrate 37 g of which sugar 0g, Fat <0,1g, sodium 2g


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