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Kockens Dill Glas – Dried Dill 13g
Korshags Varmrokt Lax – Hot Smoked Salmon Whole Side (Approx) 1.5kg*
Korshags Gravlax – Cured Salmon Whole Side (Approx) 1.5kg – Buy to order
Korshags Kallrökt Lax – Smoked Salmon Whole Side (min. 1kg) – Buy to order
Korshags Gravlax – Cured Salmon 100g
Korshags Kallrökt Lax – Smoked Salmon 100g
Korshags Varmrökt Lax – Hot Smoked Salmon 150g
King Oscar Gaffelbiter i Dillsaus – Herring In Dill sauce 50g
£2.09 £1.39
Abba Kalles Kaviar Dill – Smoked Cod Roe Dill 190g