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Hej and welcome to the liquorice shop at ScandiKitchen. We stock a huge range of salty salmiakki liquorice – from Tyrkisk Pepper to Piratos, Gott & Blandat and more. The best selection of super salty liquorice available. You no longer have to miss your liquorice fix; just browse through our shop and make your selection. We deliver all over the UK and EU wide and have a range of shipping options to suit everyone (including free shipping).

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Fazer Tyrkisk Peber Megahot Liquorice Sweets 120g
£2.09 £1.50
Daim Liquorice Ltd. Edition 56g
S-märke Supersalt – Super Salty Liquorice Soft Gums 80g
Salta Fiskar – Salty Fish Pick’n’Mix 200g
Jordgubb/Lakrits – Strawberry Liquorice Peace Symbols – Pick’n’Mix – 200g
Leijona Terva – Tar Liquorice 32g
Sukulaku Lakritsi – Liquorice Chocolate Bar 14g
Haribo Labre Larver – Caramel Liquorice Sweet – BIG BAG – 325g
Haribo Super Piratos – Super Salty Liquorice – BIG BAG – 340g
Haribo Salt Bomber – Salty Liquorice – BIG BAG – 325g
Lakrids by J Bulow – 2018 The Classic
Lakrids by J Bulow – 2018 Caramel Rouge
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