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Hej and welcome to ScandiKitchen’s Grocery shop. We stock a huge range of soups and side dishes from all over the Nordics. The best selection of fish dumplings, rosehip soup, pickled cabbage and more. You no longer have to miss the foods and treats from home; just browse through our shop and make your selection. We deliver all over the UK and EU wide and have a range of shipping options to suit everyone (including free shipping).
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Abba Simply Add Fish! Creamy Herb Bake 250g
Trondhjems Lys Lapskaus – Pork & Veg Stew 800g
Abba Fiskbullar i Dillsas – Fish Dumplings in Dill Sauce 375g
Knorr Soldatens Ärtsoppa – Pea Soup With Pork Rind 580g
Joikakaker i Viltsaus – Reindeer Meatballs In Gravy 800g
Kymppi Perinteinen Hernekeitto – Ham & Pea soup 435g
Jalostaja Hernekeitto – Vegetable Pea Soup 860g
Per i Viken Farmors Köttbullar – Meatballs 8-Pack
Ekströms Frasvåfflor – Waffle Mix 210g
Mors Flatbrød – Thin Crispy Flatbread 520g
Humlum Tarteletter – Pastry Cases 10pack/120g
Felix Klassiskt Potatismos – Instant Potato Mash 6-pack
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